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Traditional infrared devices have always relied on external power sources, constraining their efficiency and sustainability.

InfraCycle® is a profound innovation that relies on a unique combination of elements never before utilized to transcend traditional limitations by harnessing the body's own energy.


All products on the InfraCycle® website are produced in our state of the art facility in Greensborough, North Carolina. 
First, we start with a novel blend of natural and reactive infrared emitting elements... 
Next, we blend the elements with polymers, making InfraCycle® a permanent solution for your textiles...
Now that the elements are embedded in the polymer we extrude them into yarn... 
Finally, the yarn is ready to be knit into fabric or directly into products, like those seen in our shop. 
In a world where infrared technology has become a part of our daily lives—from the soothing warmth of infrared saunas, the skin rejuvenating properties of infrared face masks, to the comfort of infrared blankets and the precision of infrared grills—we've taken a groundbreaking step forward.


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InfraCycle® blends seamlessly into virgin, recycled or bio-polymers, to offer unparalleled versatility and adaptability.

After masterbatching, InfraCycle® polymers can be extruded into different yarn sizes and specifications.

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The InfraCycle® powder can be printed directly onto fabric or added in a layer of foam.


Low Impact is a leading force in the world of advanced technologies, specializing in innovation and sustainability. With a robust portfolio of patents, our focus on cutting-edge biophotonics and energy manipulation technologies enables us to develop sustainable solutions that drive environmental responsibility and business success.
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